Smith & Son's has been servicing North Central Florida for over 28 years. We are a certified DBE company through Florida Department of Transportation. We currently have Bermuda fields located in Providence, FL, Branford, FL and Jacksonville, FL, as well as Bahia fields located in Alachua, Fl and Branford FL.

Smith & Son's currently maintains a operational staff of 30 individuals, four installation crews and two harvesting crews, with 5 semi trucks for sod delivery. In the 28 years of being in the sod business our business model and expertise is formed through the installation of sod for Florida Department of Transportation, County, Municipal, and Commercial projects.

We are more than willing to discuss any and all grassing projects with customers, however if we find that the customer would be better off using another supplier, we strive to connect that customer with the correct company to take care of their needs.

We are more than willing to discuss and answer any and all questions from customers about their projects. We hope we can provide help to all potential customers in making the proper decision for their project. This is a big expense for everyone and having the correct information for making such a financial decision is our goal.